Christchurch Central Plan

Central Plan Overview

Central Plan Overview from the CCDU Website

In case you’ve been under a rock tonight or you live overseas tonight the CCDU (Christchurch Central Development Unit) tonight announced the plan for the centre of Christchurch.  This plan delivered in a whopping 103 days builds on the 161 page Draft Central City Recovery plan developed by Christchurch City Council along with the public of Christchurch via the largest consultation program every undertaken by a Local Authority in New Zealand Share an Idea anyway enough pre-amble.

I’ve taken a brief look at the Final Recovery Plan and overall I have to say i’m pretty impressed with what’s coming out of the process (and its been a long one!) there are 15 Anchor Projects I’m not going to form opinons on all of them just the ones that I find significantly important.  If you are interested in seeing a list of the full 15 Anchor Projects Rebuild Christchurch have built a great list of them up here i’d also encourage you to check out the 16 page plan found here.

Overall the plan is great it’s consolidating the CBD or “core” and they have really worked to provide a great place to live, work and play with some pretty strict rules around building heights, looks and even stuff like  carparks needing to be at the back of a building. Looks like there will be a very different looking city.

An overview of The Frame

A snapshot of “The Frame” from the CCDU

Ok, lets focus on a few of my favourite key points The Frame it’s an interesting move, one of the cornerstones of the plan is compacting the “core” of the CBD and “The Frame” is designed to work in tandem with Zoning provisions along with the Avon River to do just this whats more it’s not just a blank piece of grass each side of The Frame has a purpose, think of “The Frame” as the new “Four Avenues” taken straight from the Plan here’s an overview of the key facts for The Frame

  • the east frame is the largest of the three frames incorporating green space, opportunities for some complementary commercial ventures such as cafes and restaurants, residential developments, cycle and walkways;
  • east frame will include a large-scale children’s playground, landscaped areas and space to set up a Fanzone and to host other festival and community events;
  • the south frame will contain a Health Precinct and allows for education, commercial and innovation activity centres;
  • the north frame links Papa o Ōtākaro/Avon River Precinct and Victoria Square and encourages some complementary development.

A screenshot of the future Central Library from the CCDU

The Central Library is an exciting project in my eye, in the “Old Christchurch” the Central Library was one of my favourite places to visit but it was way too small for a city of this size and was looking tired plus there where never enough computers, even thou the Libraries Free WiFireduced that somewhat elevated that issue.

The plan outlines that the new Central Library will be a much larger central library, authorities have recognised the need to double the existing space to bring its facility in line with other comparable metropolitan libraries in Australasia. The new Central Library has been placed to integrate with the new Convention Centre and the Square.  Personally I find this to be a great move on the part of the plan not only creating a bigger library and a lot more resources but integrating this crucial public service directly into the Centre of New Christchurch it’s very, very exciting.

The Cover Page of the New Recovery Plan

There are alot of other exciting parts of the plan including the Bus InterchangeThe Square & Convention Centre Precinct to name just a few however they are for a another post i’ll be blogging a fair bit over the next few weeks as I work thru the current plan however i’m certain that this is a significant step forward for Christchurch and even though I move to Auckland in a few weeks my family are still here and I look forward to seeing Christchurch Grow into the best city it can be.