Don’t sweat the small stuff….Scheduled Maintenance has to happen

I work in the SaaS industry I have done for a couple of years now, so I know how important up-time is for businesses that rely on the applications provided by these companies, but at the same time I have also seen the complexities that surround keeping these platforms up and running 24×7 but also keeping them updated, patched and performing well.

Recently, one of the core platforms I use in my day-to-day role had a scheduled outage, yeah it was only 30 minutes so no big deal we can cope without tickets coming in for a short period. They also gave us heads up they are running a 2 hour-long window on the 19th this window whilst much longer is still really no big deal we’re able to plan around it and let know people as required that it won’t be available.

Ok, so I’ll agree that the notification we got for the first window (5 days) was a bit short in terms of notification but it was notice none the less and they admitted it was shorter than the liked to give (14 days).  But at least with the second window which is also the one to have the biggest impact they gave 19 days notice that’s allowed us to get announcements up.

Whats really annoyed me is the complaining on the forum that has started people complaining about this maintenance my favourite has to be those that are complaining about the fact they rely on the system “24×7” let’s be realistic, all systems need down time to get updated, upgraded or enhanced it just seems to me that people are taking the outage as a chance to moan.

Come on everyone, it’s not the end of the world, we know its coming we can plan around it.