Goodbye to a dear friend… Nan

All to often in life we hear of horrific tragedies involving guns while most of these generally cross thru the back of my mind pondering how people can be so cruel to another human and every now and again life throws you a curve ball, on Friday Morning NZ Time that’s exactly what happened.  I lost a very good friend in America someone that I spoke with frequently, joked with and on occasion just listened to.

Nan and I meet thru an online message board, our love for music by Clay Aiken a number of years ago.  Nan was a wonderfully caring, kind, thoughtful person but also a fiercely protective and proud mother her two children J & J where the apple of her eye she was immensely proud of everything they did and regularly spoke of them either in our chats, IM’s or via the messageboards.

She was also extremely intelligent often called Nanpedia within her Inner Circle on the boards because of her vast knowledge of practically everything.  Nan was the friend that everyone loved to have around, she always listened, provided advice or just calmed you down when it was needed something I am eternally grateful for and something I was glad to do for Nan in the last couple of years when she has needed it.

Nan had built a reputation on the OFC as a  remarkable woman full of life and love.  There are not many people that can get Clay Aiken himself to blog about them but he’s done just that following her passing which i’m pretty sure she’d love if she was around to see it.

Within the communities Nan had built a close group, a small number of us chatted amongst each other on a daily basis although both Nan & I had posted less over the last little while due to various reasons but one thing was for sure, she never left anyone out in her daily posts and I really respected that, even though I didn’t get the chance to reply to each post I made sure that I read her posts each day.

Nan really was a perl of wisdom, courage and strength, in the last couple of years she had been going thru a pretty nasty divorce and we’d spoken about it on several occasions I’d just listen and talk to her about it.  I’m thankful however that she still spoke with many of the other in her close circle particularly Patti whom both had a special place in each other hearts, Patti too is a good friend of mine she too is grieving now but has an amazing group of people around her.

The nasty divorce is sadly what lead to her passing, her almost ex-husband shot her on Friday Morning New Zealand time before shooting himself.  I don’t really have all the details but am glad J&J are both OK.

Nan always knew how to light up the room a skill that not many people have, she knew what to say and when to say it, she knew when someone was upset, she knew when someone needed their butt kicking. I never got the chance to meet Nan in person but we’d always planned to along with the others in the circle, with myself being in New Zealand and the others being in various part of the US it never did happen.  I really wish we had of done it now.

Goodbye Nan, you will be missed not just by me but by everyone that had the privilege of knowing you.  A pilliar of courage, strength, kindness and intelligence you will be missed my dear friend.