Tickets booked…. Auckland Calls

 I’m a bit excited, why? well very soon I’ll be moving back to my hometown of Auckland thanks in part to my role with the team at Vend.

Whilst it’s an exciting time to be in Christchurch it’s even more exciting to be working with a team in an office again after all at Vend we’re a little, um… Unique but we do have fun we’re also serious about Point of Sale and helping awesome businesses do awesome things.

Although I’ve been with Vend a little of three months i’m making the big dive now which will make it much easier to connect with the support team we might be small but we do great things.

As for what i’m doing at Vend, well I’m a Customer Support Agent – Tier 2 responding to complex tickets however just because I like to keep busy I get to mix in a bit of Article Writing, Report Writing and tweaking the awesome support desk powered by Zendesk.

I’m not only excited because I’m moving back home to Auckland but i’m moving back to be part of something great and a team that is just full of awesomeness.