Whirlwind Year

Wow! It’s been a while since I last wrote  a blog…. So what exactly have I been upto?

The past year has been an interesting ride it’s had a couple of career changes, a niece arrive, a city move and other assorted things.  One thing’s for sure I do have to get better and more frequent at writing blogs!

Last October I made the decision to leave Auckland and Vend and return to Christchurch.  I had the opportunity to join one of the mobile telecommunications providers in a role down in Christchurch.  Well I gave it a shot and it didn’t quite work out, the people I work with where great….Mostly… but there was some not so fun parts that really outweighed the positives but hey, its all in the name of experience!

Then in January of this year I took up a role with a local Bookkeeping and Training company as their Social Media Manager I really enjoyed the challenges that the role produced over time I had more tasks added and deployed numerous new systems and processes.  I learnt a lot in the 10 months that I spent there it was great to experience a grass roots small business, however that role has also come to an end it has however turned out to be a great thing to have come to an end, I didn’t realise just how much energy I was throwing into the place and just how stressed I was.  Do I regret leaving? Do I regret the mistakes I made? Nope, not at all I really enjoyed the challenges that I faced and the skills I picked up.  At the same time closing that chapter of the book was also nice.

On Tuesday, I start  a new chapter and I’m actually really excited to be undertaking the next chapter.  Those of you that have known me for a while will know I’ve dabbled in the hosting industry for a few years with various projects for friends and family, as well as the science fair back in school.  I’m really excited to join the Site 5 team next week as an abuse administrator pretty much this means I’ll be actively working to curb network abuse thru a variety of methods including Outbound SPAM,  Phishing,  CPU/memory/disk space issues,  IP blacklisting, DMCA notices & RUP/TOS violations.  Site5 is a very cool company to be joining with over 100 employees that all work from home they really are committed to providing superior client service to all their clients.  I’m sure I am going to pick up a whole bunch of skills from this role and have plenty of opportunities to further myself.

This also means i’ll have more time in the evenings and weekends to dedicate time towards getting my own business up and running.  At VoltServe we provide users with scoping for Cloud Solutions, Software, PC Parts, Managed IT Solutions and more.  I’m sure i’ll put more shameless self promotion up over the coming months 😉

And it also means I’ll get to spend more time with my beautiful niece Skyla 🙂 she was born in July and really does have the whole family wrapped around her little finger…. Got to admit nothing beats coming home after a day and getting the most beautiful smile from her 🙂

I’ve got a few other projects up my sleeve, stuff I can’t talk about yet but it’ll all pretty exciting!

So I think that is enough for now!

Til next blog